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ConservativeChitChat's Policy on Food, Drink & Public Health

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Let's face it, the last few years have seen many stories suggesting that  many food & health advice that came about particularly in the years after WW2 that seemed a good idea at the time now appears to be a complete load of bollocks.

As ConservativeChitChat is made in Yorkshire, one of my prime aims is to exterminate nonsense like that and replace it with commonsense sourced from  people who know what they're talking about instead of some lobbyist prat plugging bad science, as the majority of current issues seem to stem from.

The poor sod who runs & pays for ConservativeChitChat has a fairly strong background in food, having grown-up above the family's village grocery store + having a family tree that has a background in both baking & farming across Yorkshire, Lincolnshire & Norfolk.

ConservativeChitChat's webmaster has been a regular reader of American website Consumerfreedom since at least 2005 (seems much slimmed down these days), and grew-up watching TV shows including: The Two Fat Ladies, Keith Floyd, Martin Yan, Gary Rhodes, Victorian Kitchen Garden + many others.

When growing up I was SERIOUSLY against the diet versions of soft drinks, primarily because they used artificial sweetners in them, usually saccharine, which makes things taste worse than sh*t.

I am still against the diet versions of soft drinks despite the change to other artificial sweeteners, and it seems with good reason as they were recently linked to causing a number of health issues including obesity.

Consumers seem to be losing faith in these sweeteners, and soft drink manufacturers have responded in the last couple of years......... by putting the crap in the non-diet versions of their drinks as well to keep the diet-scold anti-sugar w*****s happy instead.

No longer am I able to consume old favourites including: Bass Shandy, Dr Pepper (UK bottled), Lilt + pretty much every orange flavoured fizzy drink apart from Orangina..... because they've f***ed them up to keep a bunch of idiots who think they know more about food than they actually do happy.

ConservativeChitChat advocates outlawing this crap from non-diet versions of soft drinks, and replacing with drinks made from sugar cane in moderate levels.

ConservativeChitChat also advocates sticking the sugar tax where the sun doesn't shine, as taxing the sh*t out of things isn't very conservative, and nor is not leaving people alone to take responsibility for their own actions.

Also the arguments for it doesn't appear too scientific, and appears to generalise too much instead of focusing on the types of sugar instead: Glucose (as found in Lucozade), which provides Energy, and Fructose..... which apparently the body doesn't like too much of and stores as fat on the liver.

These soft drinks are getting expensive enough as it is for what they are without some prat taxing the sh*t out of them. Used to be able to get a can of coke for 35p when I was a kid, now (2016/17) the cheapest Price Marked 330ml can I can find in the suppliers stocklist is 65p.

ConservativeChitChat advocates looking into the possibility of banning the use of palm oil in edible food, on the basis there was a recent study linking it to causing cancer to grow & spread through the body.

ConservativeChitChat advocates making veganism classed as a form of child abuse, as the Swiss + a number of articles have linked it to causing malnutrition due to people trying to follow "healthy" faddy diets promoted by clowns who think they know more about food nutrition than they actually do.

This apparently results in a lack of Vitamin B12, Vitamin D, Iron, Protein & Calcium

ConservativeChitChat has noticed from a couple of recent stories that it might be an idea to Bring Back Real Bread.

Much attention has been made of a rise in people suffering from gluten intolerance in the modern age.

A few years ago the new and interesting ways mass produced bread is made instead of the old fashioned way was hi-lighted.

Recent articles and those short clips they use to pad-out gaps between segments on Fox News [Video] has been bringing to attention the fact that ye olde fashioned Sourdough bread made the way it used to doesn't cause the gluten intolerance issues caused by the mass produced stuff.

On a similar note, some years ago a big push was made to increase the amount of folic acid added to bread in order to help pregnant women. An article I came across not too long ago linked this action to being one of the many possible causes in the rise of cases of autism. So, may have to consider a re-boot of that policy also.

But then so have vaccines + paracetamol, so......

Governments should also tell the Salt Nazi brigade to take a long walk off a short pier, as their claims are starting to look a total load of cobblers as well.

It was shown that a US Government push to cut salt ended up doing more harm than good, as it turns out different people have different reactions to salt.

The SAS Survival Handbook recommends people get at least 10g of salt a day to avoid getting a range of extremely negative health problems caused by sodium deficiency, which from what I can work out has a posh name: Hyponatremia..

ConservativeChitChat advocates moderate consumption of beer, especially some of the many Real Ales produced across Britain, such as: Theakston's Old Peculier, Black Sheep Riggwelter, Marston's Pedigree, Wychwood Black Wych + Scarecrow and Fuller's ESB (among others).

Apparently beer is now good for us, as long of course you don't regularly get drunk enough to kiss control of your head + your balance goodbye.

ConservativeChitChat also embraces moderate consumption of Whiskey such as Grant's or Johnny Walker's, as well as whiskey based products from our American cousins such as Jack Daniel's Tennessee Honey + Southern Comfort, as even the hairy bottomed health food types responsible for the other issues covered on this page agree it's good for you.

Every winter everyone (mostly Guardian readers) seem to start losing their head over the strain placed on the NHS.

Regularly there are articles hi-lighting just some of the ways some people place extra strain on them for the lamest trivial crap.

. A few years ago there was an article hi-lighting some some of the ways, such as a fussy parent in a flap because their kid got some dog crap on their shoes, or gotten broken false fingernails, or chewing gum in their hair.

More recently there was an article showing how the staff of the NHS 111 helpline were sending out Emergency Ambulances for trivial cases such as people have hurty tummies while they're "on the blob"..

ConservativeChitChat advocates relieving the strain by the government developing the balls to tell these people to stop being such big bloody wimps, and doing more to promote educating people in skills to do more to help themselves in place of the current focus of bugging people out habits that seem to be in decline anyway.

Seriously, how hard is it to read a Survival book or two + a First Aid manual? They even have pictures in them for christ's sake..... Or as we live in the 21st Century, why not try creating vids about it to stick on sites such as Youtube + DailyMotion